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On 7th January 2000, Squidward was found dead in his house, by his friends Spongebob and Patrick. The “Bikini Bottom Police” started an investigation, but could not find any evidence of a possible murderer and assumed it was a suicide as the gun was in one of Squidward`s hands. A few days later Spongebob and Patrick were reported missing, last seen entering Squidward`s house in the middle of the night. As the “Bikini Bottom Police” continued the investigations a secret cellar door was unveiled in Squidward`s house.

You play as one of the police officers of the “Bikini Bottom Police”. You have to enter the cellar. Will you unveil the TRUTH?

(This game was inspired by the creepypasta "Red Mist")

There are 4 different endings:


You can collect 7 "Squidward`s Items". The number of found items has an impact on your ending.

This is my first game  and I hope you will enjoy it. The game is free and you don't have to pay anything but you can make a small donation if you want :)

I do NOT own any rights to "Spongebob Squarpants" and this is NOT an official "Spongebob" product. This game is a FAN game and is inspired by the creepypasta "Red Mist". Furthermore this game is not intended to make money. All donations are considered as a support of the game developer and not as an payment for the game!

This game contains jumpdcares, flashing lights, scary and disturbing content.

******Important Note******
Make sure you play on the best graphic settings. If not, the game will change the lighting and the game will appear bright !!!


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Red Mist V 1.2 (New Version) 52 MB
Red Mist V 1.1 (Old Version) 52 MB


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I like how you didn't know if you were actually being followed or not, that kinda thing scares the life outta me, but other than that I think you didn't even have to implement no stamina regain since it was drained so slowly. All in all the game was extremely spooky and it was in my 3 scary games so go check it out, It's the 1st game I played!

Wow this game was way scarier than I thought it was going to be. I followed you and will be playing any other games you create for sure! Thanks Leoshock! In my video your game is the first one I played. :)

Hola subi un video de este juego, Muy bueno por cierto espero lo disfrutes :D

Hello I uploaded a video of this game, Very good by the way I hope you enjoy it :D

Verry nice !! 

This game was pretty fun, I enjoyed the thought and idea of this game didn't know that there was more to the story until now. So enjoy my friends as I try out "Red Mist: Chapter 2" 

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WOW! This game was amazing and was very cool creepypasta. Leoshock......can i ask you for some help? I was inspired by this game and have also started a project like this in unreal engine but i am still a beginner and i dont know how to set up different endings and Quests in the game. Can you please send me a link or maybe give me some advice to where i can learn this too? I'd appreciate it a lot :D

Actually, asking this makes me feel bad....

I enjoyed the game I kinda wish this will have a sequel or something...

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This was an awesome game!! Fun & Scary :D 

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this game was genuinely fun! Sorry I went off topic a bit. I had a few things I needed to discuss.

I really enjoyed this game! This is so fun xD

It was so fun
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I love  Spongebob , 我喜欢海绵宝宝

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great game, highly recommend <3

un juego muy interesante y divertido para pasar un buen rato ewe


2scared2play. looked2spooky4me

I was hoping it was say "he was... NUMBER #1"

Can you please make it playable on Mac

why cant i play it on mac


En serio que buen juego el suyo, me quedé sin palabras con toda esa historia y solo logré el final de "Escape" pero al menos lo pude lograr, además de tener algunos paros cardíacos de parte de su juego y por eso me gusto muchísimo, gracias :D (no es sarcasmo)

YouTuber: PatrickGame


Hey! I included your game in my latest Itch.io Horror Games video! The part with your game starts around 0:07! Hope ya enjoy!

We got the ending! (well 2 of them 😅) 

Here's my gameplay of it,I really enjoyed it!

How can i contact the developer ?



Please help Im desperate! 


oh fuck off

Bitch go to hell

Why is it marked as Linux and MacOS when there's only a Windows EXE?


thank u for putting white text on white background

SKIP TO 5:15!!!

Such a fun horror game! Definetly creepy!

I liked it. Well done and creepy. Found all 4 endings but one took me a bit because I got the dumb.

This is a very good game i love the story and plot. 

The story had me too involved for me to not get all of the endings lol

I like this game

I want android

shut up

Hey everybody, wanted to say that this game is pretty chill. Nice and quick with some scares for you. I got 3 of the endings and I'm fine with that Xd. Tip: The item locations don't change, stamina doesn't recharge. Alright, see you next time, have a great one


Hello Spectators and Developer,

I just want to let you know that this game caused me physical pain.  The jump scares within caused me a bruise knee and a strained muscle in my neck as well as major psychological and emotional damage. 

Great job Developer.  So simple and yet so effective.  Cant wait to play more. Do you have a twitter by chance?

-L Squared

I got all the ending except for the secret ending. I don't have the slightest clue how to get it.

wow this game is great and I really want more and you should make another game about stopping Mr.krabs
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