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I like how you didn't know if you were actually being followed or not, that kinda thing scares the life outta me, but other than that I think you didn't even have to implement no stamina regain since it was drained so slowly. All in all the game was extremely spooky and it was in my 3 scary games so go check it out, It's the 1st game I played!

Wow this game was way scarier than I thought it was going to be. I followed you and will be playing any other games you create for sure! Thanks Leoshock! In my video your game is the first one I played. :)

Hola subi un video de este juego, Muy bueno por cierto espero lo disfrutes :D

Hello I uploaded a video of this game, Very good by the way I hope you enjoy it :D

Verry nice !! 

This game was pretty fun, I enjoyed the thought and idea of this game didn't know that there was more to the story until now. So enjoy my friends as I try out "Red Mist: Chapter 2" 

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WOW! This game was amazing and was very cool creepypasta. Leoshock......can i ask you for some help? I was inspired by this game and have also started a project like this in unreal engine but i am still a beginner and i dont know how to set up different endings and Quests in the game. Can you please send me a link or maybe give me some advice to where i can learn this too? I'd appreciate it a lot :D

Actually, asking this makes me feel bad....

I enjoyed the game I kinda wish this will have a sequel or something...

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This was an awesome game!! Fun & Scary :D 

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this game was genuinely fun! Sorry I went off topic a bit. I had a few things I needed to discuss.

I really enjoyed this game! This is so fun xD

It was so fun
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I love  Spongebob , 我喜欢海绵宝宝

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great game, highly recommend <3

un juego muy interesante y divertido para pasar un buen rato ewe


2scared2play. looked2spooky4me

I was hoping it was say "he was... NUMBER #1"

Can you please make it playable on Mac

why cant i play it on mac


En serio que buen juego el suyo, me quedé sin palabras con toda esa historia y solo logré el final de "Escape" pero al menos lo pude lograr, además de tener algunos paros cardíacos de parte de su juego y por eso me gusto muchísimo, gracias :D (no es sarcasmo)

YouTuber: PatrickGame


Hey! I included your game in my latest Horror Games video! The part with your game starts around 0:07! Hope ya enjoy!

We got the ending! (well 2 of them 😅) 

Here's my gameplay of it,I really enjoyed it!

How can i contact the developer ?


Please help Im desperate! 


oh fuck off

Bitch go to hell

Why is it marked as Linux and MacOS when there's only a Windows EXE?


thank u for putting white text on white background

SKIP TO 5:15!!!

Such a fun horror game! Definetly creepy!

I liked it. Well done and creepy. Found all 4 endings but one took me a bit because I got the dumb.

This is a very good game i love the story and plot. 

The story had me too involved for me to not get all of the endings lol

I like this game

I want android

shut up

Hey everybody, wanted to say that this game is pretty chill. Nice and quick with some scares for you. I got 3 of the endings and I'm fine with that Xd. Tip: The item locations don't change, stamina doesn't recharge. Alright, see you next time, have a great one


Hello Spectators and Developer,

I just want to let you know that this game caused me physical pain.  The jump scares within caused me a bruise knee and a strained muscle in my neck as well as major psychological and emotional damage. 

Great job Developer.  So simple and yet so effective.  Cant wait to play more. Do you have a twitter by chance?

-L Squared

I got all the ending except for the secret ending. I don't have the slightest clue how to get it.

wow this game is great and I really want more and you should make another game about stopping Mr.krabs
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